Release December 16, 2022 Also available as LP and MC
CHF 30.00
Lucky Wüthrich's astonishing debut album. Produced by Philipp Fankhauser and Marco Jencarelli. Also available as LP and MC.
Produced by Dennis Walker, reissue album produced by Philipp Fankhauser & Marco Jencarelli. Contains eleven original songs and four never before released songs.
CHF 30.00
Release December 13, 2019
CHF 30.00
Release date December 1, 2017
Recorded live at Mühle Hunziken, Rubigen
CHF 20.00
Released 10. October 2014, Gold Award
Released 17.12.2010, Platinum Award
CHF 20.00
Released 2008 incl. Lonely in This Town
Christmas card with CD
Released 2010 Gold Award
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