CD "TRY MY LOVE" (INTL. EDITION) incl. 4 bonus songs "Live at KKL Luzern"

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Released 2010, Produced by Dennis Walker & Alan Mirikitani

Philipp Fankhauser, vocals and guitar
Hendrix Ackle, grand piano and Hammond B3
Marco Jencarelli, guitars
Tosho Yakkatokuo, drums
Angus Thomas, bass
Alan “BB Chung King” Mirikitani, guitars
Jim Pugh, Hammond B3
Randy Mitchell, guitar
Jay Dee Maness, pedal steel guitar
Michael Vannice, tenor saxophone solos
Tom Peterson, tenor and baritone saxophones
Lee Thornburg, trumpet and flugelhorn
Ira Nepus, trombone

Recorded at Soundfarm Studios, Lucerne
Additional recordings and mixing at Dawghouse Studios, Burbank
Engineer Alan Mirikitani

Executive producer Thomas Bähler
Sony Music-Funk House Blues Productions


No. Title
1. Try My Love
2. Jealous Kinda Fella
3. It''s Gonna Rain
4. Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat
5. Please Come On Home
6. Don't Be Afraid of The Dark
7. Cut Me Some Slack
8. This Song
9. Sweet Deal
10. Roadhouses & Automobiles
11. Then It Rained
12. Blues Ain't Nothin' (live at KKL)
13. Down On Bending Knees (live at KKL)
14. Flying' Hi1gh (Yesterday) (live at KKL)
15. Too Little Too Late (live at KKL)