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Released 1991, produced by Philippe Cornu and Hans Raymondaz

Philipp Fankhauser, vocals
Stefan Dorner, piano and Hammond B3
Tosho Yakkatokuo, drums
George Steinmann, guitar
Michele Porto, bass
Daniel Meyer, saxophones
Bernhard Schoch, trumpet
Yvonne Moore and Tosho Yakkatokuo, backing vocals

Das zweite Album "With a Feeling!" füllt den Konzertkalender der Band. Alleine 1991 arbeitet die Band 100 Shows in ganz Europa.

Funk House Blues Productions. 
Recorded at Powerplay Recording Studios, Maur. 
Engineered by Jürg Peterhans.


No. Title
1. T.Bone Shuffle
2. If Blues Can Change The World
3. Pride and Joy (Tribute to SRV)
4. Funny Woman Blues
5. Rainy Night In Georgia (2nd take)
6. Woke Up This Morning
7. Let The Telephone Ring
8. Further On Up The Road
9. Where Can I Man Go From Here